My posture has improved so I look younger

“I own a powerlifting/strength training gym, and have trained in wrestling, jiu jitsu, strength and power lifting for years. I started training with Paula 2 years ago and love this work. She’s very knowledgeable; has a diverse background working in physical therapy, fitness, dance and pilates. Training with Paula has helped me develop core strength with a neutral spine versus flexion and correcting some habits developed like moving my head forward when doing situps/crunches or other exercises versus keeping my head in line with my spine. A big result of training with Paula is that my posture has improved, so I look younger, because I’m standing straight and I’m aware of how I’m holding myself."

Mike G - Owner, 4 Star Gym

Highly recommend for help with lower or mid-back pain

“I have appreciated the care and well-being Dr. Jacobs has provided me over the past 20 years. He recently suggested that I consider Pilates training to strengthen my core muscle group. I signed up for a series of 8 pilates sessions with Paula and I already noticed a profound difference in my abdominal strength level. As I result, I have needed less frequent chiropractic adjustments. I highly recommend anyone with lower or mid-back problems to consider signing up for a series with Paula."


increased strength, power and flexibility

"I started training with Paula in her El Segundo Pilates studio three years ago. It had taken me over 10 years to give Pilates a try because it looked so difficult and complicated. Paula put me at ease right away by starting at the right level of difficulty, challenging but doable. I learned to use more and more aspects of the reformer, the trap table and floor mat work. Paula explains the science and philosophy behind everything she teaches her students to do. My Pilates training became a logical progression of increased strength, power and flexibility. Many people in my life have also remarked about the change in my posture. We have worked on balance, mobility, and strength which I have been able to put to use in my activities of daily living. Paula offers a great introductory packet of 3 private or semi-private sessions to anyone interested in doing Pilates on a trial basis. Give her a call, give Pilates a chance!"

Vicenta Jacobs

The results are remarkable!

"I started my Pilates training with Paula over 15 years ago when this form of exercise/physical therapy was not as popular in the U.S. It was immediately beneficial for me as a hands-on chiropractor with a full range of patients with different body types and levels of mobility to deal with. It has allowed me to practice my adjusting skills and I intend to continue using Pilates to extend my 35 year career for many years to come. Paula has kept up with any changes and improvements in her field of expertise. She’s always eager to help me incorporate what she has learned in my one-on-one session. I appreciate her listening skills and her talent for challenging me to keep on learning and improving. I have encouraged many of my patients to take advantage of Paula’s classes in the Pilates studio in our office. The results are remarkable!"

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs - Chiropractor

I couldn't get up - felt like I would never recover

"After my c-section in May, and probably even before that, my abs were weak. In August I got sciatica and realized my knees and legs were also weak. I couldn’t get myself up. I needed assistance to stand up, sit down, and to walk! I felt like I would never recover. Paula came highly recommended. She is heaven-sent and has saved me from my hurting back. She not only teaches me core strength through pilates but she does it so that I use the moves in my everyday life. As my trainer, Paula helps me set realistic goals and she makes sure I meet them. I am also grateful for her flexible schedule since I am a busy mother of three. Train with Paula and you will feel strong and rejuvenated."

Maria G

After serious neck injury I couldn't run or lift a 10 pound box but now...

"Thank you Paula you are the best! For anyone who has had a serious injury and is trying to get back into exercising I strongly recommend trying a one on one pilates class with Paula. When I walked into her studio I couldn’t run or pick up a 10 pound box. After having suffered a serious neck injury I was wondering if I would ever run again, but I’m running now after taking a series of classes with Paula. She retrained my brain and body, she listened to my body better than I did and guided me to where I am now. Thank you Paula."

Lillian Haberman - Owner, Ya Ya's Boutique